Tirage (Alte Gerberei Zofingen) I-III, 2015.

Performance in 3 parts shown in the exhibition "Schwarz-Weiss in Farbe" (Black-White In Colour) in the Kunsthaus Zofingen.

Lambda print of a black and white glass slide of Emil Schärer, 250 x 182 cm. Aerosol can, chemicals, bucket, gloves, stepladder, towel, cloth, plastic underlay.

Extract from the opening speech of Patrizia Keller:

... The starting point for her work „Tirage I-III“ built two photographs of the old tannery in Zofingen. They picture an outside view from the tannery with its balconies, from which dangle leather hides and furs. Fascinated by the old and today nearly extinct technique of tanning, Anna-Sabina Zürrer visited the still existing tannery Friderich. (…) Anna-Sabina Zürrer translates this primary material: analogue to the leather hide she hangs the lambda print of the photograph on a wire into a space and treats it with chemicals during a performance. Similar to the defleshing and refining of a fur, she brings the primary material into a new condition. (…) Colours run down the large scale black and white photograph like blood streams and finally collect on a towel on the ground. Comparable to the sharp smells in a tannery (…) displeasing odors spread. (…) What remains is the white washed and glossy sheet. As well as the tanning, Anna-Sabina Zürrers work deals with an irreversible conservation processes. She considers the final product as the purest pictorial material. (…)


Tirage AlteGerberei 01

Tirage AlteGerberei 02

Tirage AlteGerberei 03

Tirage AlteGerberei 04

Tirage AlteGerberei 05

Photo 2: Ramona Tollardo, Kunsthaus Zofingen 2015
Photo 3: Claudia Waldner, Kunsthaus Zofingen 2015


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