Fluid balance, 2018

Video, HD, Loop, without sound
Projection, size variable

The projected video shows a canister standing in space. The only thing that moves is the liquid inside it. It sloshes back and forth, constantly in motion, and yet nothing changes.


From the exhibition text by Barbara Ruf:

The starting point for Anna-Sabina Zürrer’s work Fluid Balance was a Super-8 film from the 1970s, with shots of various Swiss glaciers. Using a chemical process, the artist dissolves the visual material of the film strip into liquid and preserves it in a semi-transparent canister. In a next step, she transfers the canister filled with triggered "glacier water" into a video projection. The process of capturing and preserving refers both to the medium of film and to the content. The sloshing of liquid documented in the film refers not only to the title of the work. Rather, this term can be read as a reference to a national and global environmental problem. In her work, Zürrer uses the artistic process of dissolution to draw attention to the theme of glacier melting and finds a poetic visual language for it.


Fluid balance1a

Fluid balance2

Fluid balance3

Fluid balance4

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