Tirage (Roche) I-IV, 2017

4 photographs processed with chemicals on lambda prints
Leaf: 120 x 180 cm each, framed.

Tirage (Roche) I-IV" is based on four identical photographs of the camp of the Roche Art Collection in "Bau 74", a building that was demolished in autumn 2017. The photographic documentation was used to capture the disappearance of the building. The intervention, however, dissolves the image content until the state of dissolution is partially halted again in the middle of the process:

Each of the 120 x 180 cm lambda prints is treated with chemicals for a predetermined period of time, so that the individual layers of paint dissolve and more and more white paper appears. Traces of the original photography are preserved. However, their colourfulness is partly alienated and they are interspersed with white and coloured stripes of the chemical dripping down. These vertical stripes support the many vertical lines on the photography. On the first picture the resolution is already visible at the top edge, on the second and third picture it dissolves more and more, until the 4th picture is completely washed white.