Auslese (Bauwerke) II, 2016

Performance/installation during the opening of the exhibition “TIME ELAPSE – Moment and Duration in Contemporary Art” at the Kunstmuseum Solothurn

Table with gloves, chemicals, measuring jug, funnel, bucket, water can, cotton buds, cloth, flasks, rebuilt diascope on plinth, 140 diapositives.

A collection of architectural slides showing famous buildings was screened with a rebuilt diascope and dissolved by a chemical substance at the same time. After the projection a flask was being filled with the solution and placed into a shelf together with the correspondent slide.


Auslese Bauwerke II 1

Auslese Bauwerke II 5

Auslese Bauwerke II 2

Auslese Bauwerke II 4

Auslese Bauwerke II 6


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