Still Life, 2015

Chemicals on photography, 35.2 x 50.5 cm.

Extract from the exhibition text from Eva Maria Knüsel: 

Starting point of “Still Life” is a photography of a still life found in a thrift store in Nidwalden. The image reflects the subject of standstill and conservation in a double sense: On the one hand in the genre – still lifes show dead, motionless objects – and in the representation of bottles and preserving glasses, which are being used for preservation. In this work the process of the dissolving was not being finished but frozen in a transitional state. The traces of the original photography were preserved – the bin of a wine bottle and the edge of a table were alienated in their chromaticity and pervaded by white strias caused by the chemical substance. A new kind of interpretation of the still life as a snapshot occurs in which time despite standstill seems to melt away.