Lavage panoramic journey (relic), 2013

Reaction to the wall painting in the panorama room of the Galerie Hofmatt, Sarnen, 2017.

Plastic canister, 28 x 20 x 13 cm 
with approx. 5l in chemicals dissolved colour of a Super-8 film. 


From the exhibition text by Nicole Seeberger:

...During the film projection of a panoramic train ride through the Swiss mountains, the tape was pulled through a chemical liquid, with the result that the colours continuously dissolved during the endless projection. The relic in the form of the preserved liquid is the content of this canister, which was deliberately placed in the middle of the room and thus resumes the panoramic journey through the landscape in this so-called "panorama room" around Lake Sarnen. The place where the white spot is on the wall is where the artist's studio and long-term residence in Sachseln, of all places, lie. The green-grey colour of the liquid is probably related to the wall painting, but it does not come from the wall, as one might assume at first glance. Nevertheless, this work is consciously intended for this room. At the artist's request, the richly painted door to the first room was hung up again for the first time, and the passage from room to room was closed. The door shows the hermit Niklaus von Flüe - also known as Brother Klaus - whose 600th anniversary of his birth is celebrated 2017. The emeritus retired from his secular duties and from then on concentrated on his spiritual vocation in his hermitage in the Ranft. The canister as the sole object in the middle of the room with its liquid concentrate may stand as a parable for this.


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Lavage Panoramafahrt Tuere Kopie

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Foto 3: Sibylle Kathriner


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