Apéro II, 2017

Art action during the opening
RocheArt, Roche-Tower (Building 1), Basel
In collaboration with Andreas Wilhelm
Scent of red wine, white wine and orange juice, wine glasses

Extract from the exhibition text from Nicole Seeberger:

Starting point of the exhibition builds the olfactory action with the title Apéro [reception] (2017). Receptions nowadays belong to the most prevalent and yet most important parts of all art openings. Against the expectation no usual beverages are being served at this social and ceremonial event, here at the gallery Hofmatt. Depending on each one’s choice Anna-Sabina Zürrer instead let ‘pour’ scent of orange juice, white or red wine into the glass. By serving olfactory essences the artist changes the usual behaviour of the visitors at the opening. Through reducing the beverage to an invisible essence the reception is being transformed from a liquid into a gaseous aggregate state. Scents similarly evocate the presence of a substance. The unusual consummation of the assumably empty glass surely causes topics of conversation just as well.


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Fotos: Ketty Bertossi


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