Still Life IV–VIII, 2017

Lambda prints, chemically treated, 120 x 180 cm.

Extract from the exhibition text of Nicole Seeberger:

In the basement of the gallery one can see the multipart work Still Life (IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, 2017), which was developed on the occasion of this exhibition. Here, as well, we can observe the artist’s specific reaction on the space. Zürrer’s recordings concern different basements from the canton Obwalden. What she is interested in, is found arrangements, things of every description, which were there stored “inwardly”. Then, she sputtered a chemical liquid onto the large-scale lambda prints. For a short spell, Zürrer had brought the frozen image of the photography to a fluid state, in the sense of the title as a “representation of dead or at least motionless things, which are inwardly existing for their own purpose”. At the same time the temporal aspect plays a prominent conceptual role: Solely time determined when the work was finished and the image was not anymore part of an action but had become a relict. Now they are being shown in the basement as if they were hung for dripping or drying.