Auslese (Building 74), 2017

Performances / Installation as part of the exhibition "RocheArt", Roche Tower (Building 1), Basel

Table with gloves, chemicals, measuring cups, funnels, buckets, water canisters, cotton swabs, rags, pharmacy bottles. Converted slide projector on base, 100 slides.

A collection of slides from various photographs of the premises and materials of the soon demolished "Bau 74" was shown with a converted slide projector and simultaneously dissolved with chemicals. After each projection, the chemical solution was filled into a vial and placed in a display case together with the emptied slide.


Anna Sabina Zuerrer Bau74 1

Anna Sabina Zuerrer Bau74 2

Anna Sabina Zuerrer Bau74 3

Anna Sabina Zuerrer Bau74 4

Fotos: Ketty Bertossi 



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