Verduften (Air de Paris), 2015

Video, 9:07 min, loop.

Extract from the exhibition text:

Anna-Sabina Zürrer is interested in changes of states through chemical or physical processes. As a starting point she often uses collections of cultural goods. She describes the ability to select and forget as evident, to be capable finding orientation in todays information overload. As well being exposed to a scent permanently can cause overstimulation or that we do not perceive the fragrance consciously. In „Verduften (Air de Paris)“ [„Vamoose“], the focal point is the visualisation of the decay and the artist takes the requirement to preserve ephemeral material ad absurdum. A diapositive by Marcel Duchamp’s “Air de Paris” was being dissolved with a chemical liquid and was shown as a looped video. The scents, which were being produced in this process, can only unfold in the notion of the viewer.