Auslese (100 Artworks), 2015

Performances / Installation during "KUNST 15 Zürich"

Table with gloves, chemicals, measuring jug, funnel, bucket, water canister, cotton buds, cloth. Rebuilt diascope on plinth, 100 diapositives of artworks from the 20tiest century.

100 diapositives of artworks from the 20tiest century (from Duchamp, Kandinsky, Picasso etc.) build the starting point. They come from a big collection of diapositives showing works from modern art used for art history lectures. Now a selection is showed with a rebuilt diascope that dissolves the images with chemical liquids simultaneously to their presentation. After the projection the original contents have entirely disappeared. What remains is an installation like arrangement that might affect one’s own reflections: the canister unites all image information of the 100 selected art works form the 20tiest century in liquid form. On a narrow board the emptied and labelled diapositives lean on the wall, side by side.



Auslese 100Kunstwerke Anfangsstadium1

Auslese 100Kunstwerke Performance1

Auslese 100Kunstwerke 2015

Auslese 100Kunstwerke Endstadium3

Auslese 100Kunstwerke Relikte7

Auslese 100Kunstwerke Relikte8

Auslese 100Kunstwerke Relikte9

Auslese 100Kunstwerke Relikte10

Photo 2 und 3: Hilfiker Kunstprojekte