Tirage (Mona Lisa), 2011

Paris, November 9th 2011, 19`

C-prints, each 77 x 53 cm, plexiglass bowl, each 100 x 76 x 5.5 cm, on table, 10l water in canister, 0.8l chemicals in bottle, plastic gloves.

In the Louvre 100 Tourists were addressed and asked to email their personal photographs of the painting Mona Lisa to the artist. From all consignments one photograph was chosen, then scaled up to the original size and finally washed out in a performance for the exhibition
"Le Choix de Paris".


tirageLJ 1

tirageLJ 02

tirageLJ 03 neu

tirageLJ 04

tirageLJ 05

tirageLJ 06

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tirageLJ 08