Lavage (Diapositives), 2012

Performance/ Installation:
Hilfiker Kunstprojekte Luzern, January 28 2012, 25`

Table, chemicals, 3 preserving glasses, protective gloves, towel, plastic funnel, plastic bowl, 80 diapositives, diascope.

On a diascope 80 slides with images from a trip through Canada, found on a flea marked, are shown. Aside there is a table with laboratory like accessories.
Performance: The diascope is being turned off, the single slides are taken out of the projector and put in a glass filled with chemical liquid. The colour layers of the slides dissolved and the liquid is increasingly taking on a darker tone. The washed and emptied slides are put back into the diascope and are projected. The glass with the liquid containing the dissolved image remains on the table. Under it one finds accessories like used gloves that indicate a bygone action.


Lavage Diapositive 01

Lavage Diapositive 02

Lavage Diapositive schuetteln kl

Lavage Diapositive 06kl

Lavage Diapositive 07

Lavage Diapositive 08

Photo 2-4: Hilfiker Kunstprojekte