nach & nach, 2012

Installation (mixed media), in cooperation with Tom Karrer.

Super 8 Film, loop, 16 m. 2 projectors, 2 acrylic glass jars with chemicals, 6 idler pulleys.
Installation size: 9 x 2 x 3 m

A Super 8 film is projected by two projectors onto two opposite walls, slightly offset in time, and then dissolved: The film material runs in an endless loop through two projectors and chemicals until the various layers of colour in the film have been removed and the two projectors only project the empty film strip onto the walls. The film images disappear completely in the course of the exhibition, while the two liquids in the containers become increasingly discoloured.

nachundnach 01

nachundnach 02

nachundnach 03

nachundnach 04

nachundnach 05

nachundnach 06

nachundnach 07

nachundnach 08

nachundnach 09