Lavage (Venice), 2013

Performance at the Kunsthaus Zug, March 22 2013, ca. 15`

Super 8 Film, loop, 4 m.
Super-8 projector and 2 glass jars with chemicals and water on table, 3 idler pulleys, rope, plastic funnel, with cloth, protective gloves.

A Super 8 Film of a boat trip through Venice was being presented at the opening of the exhibition "SHADES OF TIME" at the Kunsthaus Zug, while the artist was showing its parallel dissolving. The strip runs through the projector and the added chemicals in a loop. Thereby the colours of the film dissolve more and more, the longer it is running. In the end only the empty and now transparent strip remains as a relict.

lavage venedig 01

kunsthaus 114lavage

lavage venedig 04

1Lavage Venedig Relikt

Photos: Nicole Pont, Kunstmuseum Zug