Lavage (Mayfly), 2013

Performance during "Les Jours des Ephémères" in the Künstlerhaus S11, Solothurn
April 27 2013, ca. 15`

Analogue colour photographs of two helicopters (each 35 x 50 cm), and an aeroplane (49 x 72 cm), suspended in the space.
3 plastic bowls (75 x 35 x 5 cm and 95 x 35 x 5.5 cm), tarpaulin, chemicals, canister, aerosol can, plastic funnel, white cloth and protective gloves.

"The young but yet internationally working artist from central Switzerland is showing us the transformation of an image. In thrift stores colour photographs are being browsed which show formal and content related correlation with insects. In the exhibition space there are several big colour photographs in different sizes suspended from the ceiling. Under every image one finds a collect vessel. The artist sputters a chemical liquid onto the surface of the images. Thereby the colour layers of the photographs slowly dissolve and release from the picture carrier: first cyan, followed by magenta and finally yellow. In that process the emerging coloured mixtures trickle down and are being collected in the cans. The performative act is creating a highly intense vanish of the images accompanied by the sound of the sputtering and dropping. At the very end all photographs are white washed and the former image content has been collected in the collect vessel.”

Text: Martin Rohde. Translation: Stefanie Gschwend.


Lavage Eintagsfliegen 01

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Photos: Meinrad Feuchter